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10 Important Elements of Corporate Commercial Office Designs

Corporate commercial office designs are one way to brand your company and to show clients that you mean business.

The keys are to know which elements work and to work with the best office interior designers.

Here are 10 elements to consider when planning your corporate commercial office designs:

1. Keep it Light

Every office designer working on new corporate fitouts or a corporate office redesign will tell you that light colours make spaces feel larger and happier. The major colours, such as those on the main walls, should be relatively light. Consider neutral colours, such as grey tones and greens. You can contrast light walls with darker floors for a contemporary look.

2. Incorporate Your Mission Statement

When people come into your office, they should see your mission statement. Having it at the front desk in a noticeable way is a good idea.

3. Add Some Accent Furniture

Accent furniture adds some personality to your space. Put an interesting piece or two in your lobby or meeting areas.

4. Do Not Skip the Art

Art that catches attention is the best option. Consider working with local artists to further the community efforts of your company.

5. Use Your Brand’s Colors

Commercial interior designers often recommend that you incorporate your brand’s colours into your décor scheme. Add these colours as accents, with your furniture or with the art that you incorporate.

6. Place a Few Mirrors

Mirrors make spaces feel larger and brighter. They are also ideal decorative pieces. Place mirrors of varying size among the art.

7. Ensure Neatness

A neat space feels more professional. Make sure that there is plenty of storage space and that everyone keeps their workspaces clean and organized.

8. Check Your Lighting

Traditional office lights wash out spaces and make it feel cold. When you work on your plans for corporate and commercial interior design, consider a softer lighting method. Recessed lights are a good choice. You can put them on a dimmer so that you can choose the level of light throughout different times of the day.Take advantage of the windows throughout your space too. Natural light is welcoming, and it helps people to keep track of the time of day. This may help to enhance productivity.

9. Use Dividers Instead of Walls

Open office space is popular right now. However, you still want everyone to have their own space. Instead of building walls, find office partition dividers that match the rest of your decorating scheme. For example, if you are going for a modern or minimalist look, glass dividers are a good choice.

10. Add Some Plants

Plants bring life and colour to your office space. Place some floor plants to fill open spaces and put succulents on the desks of your employees.

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