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Boardroom Tables

Creators of Bespoke Boardroom Tables

Boardroom and conference furniture are the anchors of any corporate office fit out, and not just because of their size. Boardroom tables are where big decisions are made, and the company direction is formed, a place for the leadership team to meet and discuss current and future direction for the enterprise and employees.

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Specialist Boardroom Tables Made-to-Order

A boardroom table is typically the largest piece of furniture in your office; a piece that dominates the space and has a significant impact on the style and design of office furniture for the rest of the room.

The team at Vision Corporate Interiors crafts custom boardroom tables to individual client specifications in our East Melbourne workshop. Building a custom boardroom table allows you to choose surfaces, dimensions, colours, finishes, and features for your table to complement the surrounding office interior design space.

Our team will take the boardroom table from the planning and conception phase, through design, construction, and finishing stages, and will even deliver and install the table in your conference room.

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Different Styles of Boardroom Tables

There are hundreds of different boardroom table styles and designs for you to choose from. These include modular, communal, scissoring, boardroom, or head-table style tables in a variety of shapes from square to round to V-shaped. Made from a combination of hardwoods, metal, granite, laminate, and a range of other materials.

With Vision Corporate Interior’s commercial furniture, we don’t just provide boardroom tables, we also specialise in office design, full interior office fitouts and offer a complete range of office furniture which we manufacture. We collaborate with our clients to build unique environments that will inspire and energise everyone who enters the office area. We will be sure to adopt your businesses’ brand, values and reflect that into an exciting workplace.

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