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Office Storage

Custom Made Office Storage Solutions

One of the most common struggles for businesses of all size is finding enough office space and affordable office storage solutions. Instead of investing in a larger office or continuing to suffer from the lack of room, consider remodelling to increase office storage. This is the easiest and cheapest solution for companies needing more space.

Image of our custom made office storage

Credenzas as Office Storage

Credenzas aren’t only useful as an ornamental piece of office furniture. Offices both large and small can benefit from having this extra storage space.

  • As one of the more stylish pieces of storage furniture, credenzas go great with any office style and setting.
  • With several drawers and cabinets, credenzas are a great option for storing paperwork and other items for a short period of time.
  • Unlike larger storage options, credenzas are easy to access. This makes them ideal for temporary storage of items that only stay for a short time.
Image of our customised filing cabinet

Filing Cabinets

Most companies have a love and hate relationship when it comes to paperwork. In reality, no business could function or thrive without paper, even though we live in a digital era.

On the other hand, finding a place for all of the paperwork is a tedious task that never ceases as more paper is always needed. This is a reason why businesses have been using office storage cabinets for decades.

Unlike other items in an office that can be put somewhere random, paperwork needs to be stored in an organized manner so it can be found later.

  • Our Filing Cabinets are the saving grace to any company’s issue with storing and organizing paperwork.
  • At Vision Corporate Interiors we can customise the filing cabinets to suit your needs and go with your unique office interior design.

Stationery Cupboards

Office storage cupboards are multipurpose and offer great options for storage.

  • They can be easily placed in any area of the office and are some of the most affordable pieces of storage furniture.
  • Companies can customize the dimensions and location of these stationary cupboards to best meet the needs of their office.
  • One of the best places for these cupboards is at individual workstations. This ensures that each staff member has a place to put their office supplies without taking up community space.

At Vision Corporate Interiors, we will ensure that your stationery cupboards are matching the overall design of your office and fit perfectly with the office workstations and other office furniture.

An image of our stationary cupboards that fits the office interior

Office Lockers

The business itself isn’t the only source of clutter that can quickly take over an office. Employees also contribute to the lack of space with all of their belongings brought to work. Jackets, purses, backpacks and coats are all personal items that end up getting left all over an office. With no practical place to put these items, the staff is forced to find an open spot and simply leave their belongings.

Our Office Lockers help to solve this problem by providing a designated space for these items. You can have them made to order to perfectly fit your office.

Storage Bookcases

Books, pamphlets, folders and many other items are necessary for an office’s operation. Due to the awkward size and shape of these items, they are very hard to store properly.

  • Storage bookcases are the best option for stowing away these larger, bulkier items.
  • One of the pros of office bookcases is the small amount of room occupied when compared to the storage space provided.
  • At Vision Corporate Interiors, you can request to have storage bookcases made to order.

If your company is in need of more office storage, consider remodelling today with Vision Corporate Interiors.

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