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Benefits of Suspended Ceilings for Offices

Dropped ceilings or suspended office ceilings consist of a lightweight, metal, grid framework and panels. They hang below a base ceiling that is often of wood, masonry or steel.

The panels are a foam-type material and they fit into their own individual openings on the grid framework. When designing your office fitout, you should not overlook the following numerous benefits of installing these ceilings in it.

Easy Installation

A suspended ceiling is easy to install in the proper manner. The grid system is customisable to the dimensions of the office for one thing. Professionals move swiftly through the office as they adeptly install the framework and insert the panels into their correct positions.

Attractive Results

Dropped office ceilings are aesthetically pleasing in part due to the fact that they hide the ceiling’s infrastructure, electrical outlets and ductwork. The panels also add to the attractiveness of them since they are a slight, built-in pattern.

Easy Access Whenever Necessary

Since the panels of the suspended ceilings are simple to remove, you can easily access above them whenever the need arises. This helps in case there are issues that require attention on the base ceiling.

Sound Dampening and Acoustic Qualities

Other benefits of dropped office ceilings are that they provide ideal acoustical qualities to ensure the sound travels effectively throughout the office and sound dampening to prevent noises from outside sources to ensure that the office is quiet as possible to help employees concentrate on their tasks. In other words, your office will have sufficient soundproofing and sound carrying effects just by the installation of these ceilings.

A Wide Assortment of Design Possibilities

Today, you can select from a wide variety of patterns, colours and even materials. You can design one that is unique in nature by combining different colours and/or patterns for your dropped ceiling.

Dropped Ceilings Are Moisture Resistant

Suspended ceilings do not absorb excess moisture. This characteristic lessens the risk of mould and mildew growth, even in the bathrooms.

Cost-Effective Installation and Repairs

Dropped ceilings cost less to install and repair than other ceilings do for offices due to their overall design. If a panel is damaged, you simply remove it and set a new one in its place. There will be no need to disturb the rest of the ceiling for a minor repair such as this one.

For further benefits of suspended ceilings for offices, contact Vision Corporate Interiors. Our company specialises in all aspects of office fitouts, including the installation of these ceilings. We provide design, construction, installation and project management services along with custom joinery.

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