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Demountable Partitions for Your Office

A few decades ago, it was brick or cement walls that were used as partitions for office spaces.

However, while providing both privacy and clear boundaries, these created permanent divisions between different rooms, and any alteration required much labour intense work.

Various types of walls are still used today to divide office interior spaces, but these are already considered outdated and impractical for most modern office fitout settings.

Today, many offices interior designs have already switched to including demountable partitions, and if your office hasn’t yet switched, it might be about time to benefit from the flexibility of demountable partitions.

Benefits of Using Demountable Partitions in Office Settings

Hassle-free flexibility

Creating, expanding, downsizing, and removing rooms is as simple as moving partitions to another area, whereas walls have to be torn apart and rebuilt from the ground up. The flexibility it provides is much-needed in modern offices which constantly evolve to improve workflow and productivity.


Telecommunication devices, electrical ports, and data points can also be installed in demountable partitioning. This gives them the same functionality as a wall, but with far more flexibility and functionality.

Huge savings

Demountable partitions last as long as they are maintained, and can be reused several times without any obvious signs of weathering or decrease in functionality.

Compared to the construction and eventual deconstruction of walls, this can mean big savings for companies that require the reorganisation of an office’s layout, to either add or remove partitioned office spaces.

Less downtime

Redesigning an office space through wall reconstruction is not only time-consuming but it also greatly reduces the efficiency of an office’s workforce.

Construction is a messy affair and can cause quite the raucous and cause disruption during working hours. Unless you have somewhere to relocate the office, employees typically either have to work fewer hours or go on leave until construction is completed.

Downtime is at a bare minimum with demountable partitions. All you have to do is fold them up like dividers and transfer them to a new area. Relocating the office is no longer necessary since it doesn’t cause any disturbance and takes only a short time to set up.

Sustainable interiors

Demountable partitions are designed for long-term use. What makes them sustainable is that they use less construction material, and in some cases, are made of environmentally friendly materials like wood, recyclable plastics, and aluminium.

To learn more about demountable partitions for your office interior design, contact Vision Corporate Interiors, an office fit out company that caters to businesses across Melbourne.

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