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Eco-Friendly Office Fitout

An eco-friendly office fitout incorporates the latest place to capitulate the sustainable design movement. In fact, the eco-friendly office fit out is sweeping the all-encompassing interior design scene.

The once drab and boring office is at long last replaced with a much greener and healthier character.

Today, the contemporary office fitout design is all about recognizing the newest sustainable design principles and the immediate broadcast of their brand’s message.

And by adding greener options in the construction and day to day operations, businesses can help contribute to a better and cleaner world.

In addition, an eco-friendly fitout has the potential to use a variety of sustainable raw materials and variable designs.

Plus with utilizing different “green” materials, overall costs may be reduced. And with variable unique designs, a better atmosphere is created thus increasing traffic and a positive environment.

Eco-Friendly Office Design Trends

The latest trends in the modern eco-friendly office design include:

  • Eco-friendly materials – bamboo flooring, non-toxic paint finishes and furniture made with recycled materials
  • Suppleness – Interior space is both cost-effective and has a nourishing atmosphere while expanding and growing
  • Uniqueness – fresh and innovative style to imprint a company’s identity by using bold imagery and unique artwork
  • Ergonomics – office furniture that is ergonomic and comfortable such as easy glide drawers and chairs with contoured lines
  • Communication – portioning walls replace sealed off offices for open communication and a creative buzz among co-workers
  • Colour – used to set the mood in an office; soothing neutrals for a calm setting and bold tones for a vibrant, energetic working space

Maintaining your Commitment

Once the office fitout contractors have built your eco-friendly office fitout, it is just as important to maintain your commitment to a cleaner world by keeping your office “green”. There are numerous ways to a sustainable office that can be helpful to the environment.

For instance, recycling your office paperwork and other materials will make a huge impact. You can also ban all to-go coffee cups and have ceramic mugs instead.

The three key words are “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. As well, Australia has added a fourth R – “refuse”. In other words, do not buy items you do not need. Plus, don’t forget to bring your own bags when you make a purchase!

If you are looking for advice on eco-friendly office fitout for your office interior design, contact Vision Corporate Interiors and we will be happy to assist!

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