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Extensive Guide on Budget Friendly Office Fit Out Ideas

The layout and design of your workspace have a direct impact on your productivity and the performance of your coworkers. However, it can be overwhelming to try and create the perfect workspace on your own, unless you have the right budget friendly office fit out ideas.

Office fit out companies like Vision Corporate Interiors can help you to bring your ideas to life.

The first step is learning about some budget-friendly office fit out ideas so that you can start making a plan.

Budget-Friendly Office Fit Out Ideas

1. Add Some Quirkiness to the Workspace

Boring office spaces are uninspiring. Adding a few quirky touches can bring the space to life. Once the bare bones are in place, think of where you can incorporate some splashes of colour, a cool antique piece or something that is handmade.

You can also use art to accomplish this. Leave the corporate art behind and find pieces that capture your brand. The goal of each piece is to start a conversation when people visit your office.

2. Open It Up

Many commercial fits out companies recommend that you open up your workspace. A large room packed with cubicles is restrictive and can make people feel isolated throughout their workday. Remove the walls so that everyone can interact as they go about their day.

If you want to use walls to separate the space, consider transparent glass office partitions. This partitions off the different spaces, but since the glass is transparent, it does not have the same restrictive feel as opaque cubicle walls.

3. Add Living Plants

Plants add life to your workspace. When you are planning a new interior design for your office, look for plants in a variety of colours and sizes. Add some taller trees to the common areas. Have each employee put a small plant on their desk.

Not only do plants add life and colour, but they can also help to clean the air. This can reduce that musty smell that often occurs in enclosed spaces where people are in close quarters.

4. Consider Your Lighting

Bright fluorescent lights can induce headaches and make it hard for people to relax while they are working. If your workspace has plenty of windows, take advantage of the natural light. Remove the curtains and avoid placing anything near the windows that can obstruct the sunlight.

Consider placing recessed lighting in the ceiling. This is softer and does not give that harsh aesthetic that fluorescent lights do. You might also consider making recessed lighting dimmable so that it is easy to customize how much light is available at different parts of the day.

5. Embrace Mismatched Furniture

Let the employees choose their own office furniture. This ensures that they are comfortable, and it will give your office a unique look and feel.

You can also look for other offices that may be closing in your area to find furniture that is inexpensive and unique. The key is to ensure that each piece is functional so that all employees can be productive.

6. Tackle the Clutter

A clean workspace is a productive workspace. Budget-friendly office fit out companies like Vision Corporate Interiors can offer a variety of ideas about how to enhance your office storage space to keep clutter under control.

Find places to build shelving and make sure that each employee has enough storage space in their workspace for all of their tools and items. You can use things, such as jars, boxes and baskets, to organize each workspace.

7. Offer a Common Area

Gone are the days where you needed a conference room for coworkers to get together for meetings and brainstorming sessions. Create a space in the office with comfortable chairs and couches for coworkers to relax while meeting with each other.

Add some whiteboards to this area and make sure that there is space for people to plug in laptops and other equipment necessary for meetings. Keep this space open but ensure that the chairs are close enough together where people can easily converse with each other. You can also add a coffee or snack station in this area. It can double as a break space.

8. Ditch the Reception Area

Instead of having a reception area for guests, just let them enter the main office when they come for a visit. This makes things more welcoming and less formal. Just make sure that everyone in the office is keeping an eye out for visitors.

You can also have a receptionist but place them in the main office. This ensures that there is a specific person to greet guests, but it takes away that closed off feeling that many reception areas tend to have.

Our Affordable Office Fit Out Ideas

We offer affordable and creative office fit outs. This allows you to improve the workflow and productivity in your offers.

Vision Corporate Interiors are one of the best interiors fit out companies that have worked with some of the most recognized brands in Australia.

If you are ready to introduce style and function into your workplace, call us today. We will help you to create and execute the most efficient commercial office design and fit out.

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