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Help Avoid Clutter & Maximise a Small Office Space

Setting up an office can be challenging enough when it is in a spacious area, but it is even more so when you have a limited space to work with for your layout.

The reason for this is the fact that a small office can suffer from clutter easily, and you can overwhelm the area with office furniture when you do not use the best office fitout ideas to avoid clutter and maximise small office space.

We share five of these ideas below as examples of what we mean by this statement.

How to Maximise Your Office Space

1. Select Minimalistic Office Furniture

With a small office area, you should choose minimalistic or custom office furniture for it that contains sleek lines. This includes:

  • seating for the waiting area
  • work desks or tables in place of workstations
  • office seating such as office chairs
  • and other elements that require floor space
    The goal is to include all your necessities without overwhelming the available space with bulky furnishings.
2. Utilise Below-Desk Storage Units

For filing away important documents or storing forms and paper supplies, turn to below-desk storage units.

These will slide easily under work desks or tables and provide convenient access for the employees without using precious floor space in another area of the office.

3. Use Vertical Space Wisely

In maximising your office space, do not forget that you can build up on your walls to install shelves for storage or display purposes.

Using this vertical space wisely can save you an extraordinary amount of floor space for you to utilise in other ways.

4. Forego a Bulky Table in the Conference Room

If your conference room is small, forego a large table and just set up chairs for your group meetings, especially when all your presentations will be in an oral or digital format.

The chairs will offer adequate seating while you avoid using the space all the time with the setup of the traditional conference table and chairs.

5. Choose the Layout with Care

Create a layout that helps the workflow through the office in an efficient manner.

While this holds true for an office of any size, it is additionally important with a small one. Also, the arrangement of the office desks or work tables should allow sufficient space for the employees to move about as freely as possible.

For additional best office fit out ideas to help avoid clutter and maximise small office space, contact our experts here at Vision Corporate Interiors. They will guide you in the right direction, and our company guarantees complete satisfaction.

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