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Latest Design Ideas in Office Partition Designs

Although open concept designs, or open plan office layouts, are popular for office redesigns and office fitouts today, many companies find that their staff members are more productive and happier when working in attractively partitioned office setups. Gone are the less than inspiring enclosed office partitions of earlier years. Today’s CEOs and office managers are discovering that the current inviting, semi-enclosed office workstations with one or two open sides that offer partially separate work areas are proving to be beneficial for employees in many contemporary office environments.

Formed from tasteful and fashionable partitions available in different materials, colours, surface textures and sizes, these innovative office dividers provide a good combination of privacy and easy communication among company staff members. Most business owners are discovering that appealing designs in office partitions create the ideal balance between employees’ time for individual focus on their work and on group collaboration.

Productive office layouts that include partitions now also have plenty of spacious and well-equipped conference rooms where staff members can meet freely to collaborate on projects.

Popular Design Ideas for Contemporary Office Partitions

Popular office partition designs now being used in contemporary office settings that create attractive, productive environments for staff members while lending fashionable and innovative qualities to the office decor include the following:

Stationary Office Partitions – These standing units of floor-mounted space dividers of full or partial height are made of strong, solid woods, vinyl, fabric-covered plastics or other synthetic materials. They are visually appealing and practical since they can be easily demounted, moved and repositioned as needed. In some offices, partial-height partitions are especially helpful in keeping an office environment bright from natural window light or attractive wall-mounted lighting. Contemporary free-standing office partitions are also available in stunning glass designs that are non-breakable or shatter-proof for employee safety.

Wall-Mounted Space Dividers – These space-saving, wall-mounted partitions are often of accordion design. They can be opened and closed easily and are manufactured of lightweight materials like colorful or sedate, neutral vinyl or heavy-duty fabrics to blend with your overall office decor. These partitions are especially helpful in large, open floor office designs that are frequently used for group meetings in one area while other employees are busy with regular office tasks in the remaining floor space.

Movable Office Partitions – These typically individual, free-standing partitions may be constructed of shatterproof glass, plexiglass or painted timber. They are sturdy and can withstand everyday wear-and-tear in busy office environments. These types of floor space dividers in office settings are convenient to move during office redesigning projects. They are also easy to store when not in use, and they are quite cost-effective when offices need to add workstations for additional or temporary staff members in various departments.

For the very latest styles and conveniences in fashionable modern office partitions, consult the experienced, professional team at Vision Corporate Interiors, providing services to Melbourne and surrounding areas.

This excellent company will offer you the best advice, products and services to ensure that you select the ideal styles in contemporary partitions to enhance the modern fashion and functionality of your business offices.

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