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Office Kitchen Pantry Interior Design Tips

When remodelling your office space, do not forget to revitalise the area with attractive and functional office kitchen pantry interior designs.

Your employees deserve a pleasant space to enjoy snacks and meals in or to just sit and relax to recoup their energy at the appropriate moments during the day.

In addition, when you provide this type of amenity to your employees on-site, you may find that it increases their morale and productivity since they do not need to travel off-site to access food items.

Pertinent Elements to include in your Office Kitchen Interior Designs

1. Include Sufficient Kitchen Seating

The break room or kitchen pantry should contain sufficient seating for the number of employees who will use it each day. You need to include tables along with chairs to accomplish this goal.

2. Add Adequate Kitchen Storage Options

Your office kitchen pantry needs adequate storage options in the way of custom cabinets. In these cabinets, you can store an assortment of dishes and supplies for the employees to use each day. Storage such as this will eliminate clutter in the room. A wide assortment of finishes for these cabinets is available from which to select in order for you to match your present office decor.

3. Select a Durable Countertop for the Cabinets

Since there will be both upper and lower cabinets in this area, you will require a durable countertop on top of the lower ones for food and beverage prep and hold other items. One suggestion for this is a high-quality laminate, but additional choices are available for your consideration.

4. Install Necessary Appliances and Small Electrics

Be certain to install a refrigerator, a microwave, a coffee maker and other appliances or small electrics that are pertinent to the overall office kitchen pantry interior designs that you plan for this area. By doing this, you increase the functionality of the area.

5. Create a Pleasant Ambiance

Utilise the right office colours, lighting and above elements to create a pleasant ambience in your office kitchen pantry or break room. While you are at it, install durable flooring in this area that is easy to care for and maintain.

Turn to Vision Corporate Interiors to not only revitalise your workplace with quality office kitchen pantry interior designs but also with other elements that will increase the functionality and attractiveness of your office.

We are professional office fitout specialists, and we deliver a wide assortment of services to fit your specific needs. All of our workmanship, materials and products come with a guarantee of satisfaction.


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