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Office Paint Colors that Spark Productivity

Whether you work from a home business or office, colour can have a big impact on productivity. Choosing the right office paint colours can help boost production and make you feel comfortable.

Today, many people seek something that is relaxed and friendly. They desire anything that deters away from the drab environment of a stuffy office. In effect, the colour of an office can influence mood and behaviour.

Basic Office Paint Colors

Colours that affect behaviour can be divided into two groups; warm and cool.

Warm colours include red, orange and yellow. The warm colours of the spectrum deliver joyfulness, energy and increase alertness plus encourage social communication. It is the ideal colour for in-depth discussions and negotiations. On the negative side, warm colours can arouse feelings of aggression and anger. Warm colours are best for non-production areas such as locker rooms, entrances and passageways.

The cool colours of the spectrum are blue, green and purple. These colours are calming and soothing. Cool colours can boost concentration along with a calm disposition. They are the ideal colours for production. What is more, each of the cool colours has its own psychological features.

Blue: Studies suggest that people are most productive in blue rooms. It stimulates performance plus helps you feel more relaxed. Soft blues are the best.

Green: This colour represents nature. It helps induce a relaxed mood and calms the nerves. Green is one of the most popular colours used in home and office décor. Light green with a blue or yellow base will help you stay alert and productive.

Purple: This colour may seem a bit showy for the average office. However, the colour purple can be a great option in the creative industry. In truth, purple can inspire creativity and teamwork. It would be a good choice for creative industries such as design firms, photographers and film directors.

Bright Yellow: This colour has an effect on productivity in a negative manner. Bright yellow can overstimulate the body and fatigue the eyes. This is because it reflects light more than most colours. However, it does enhance concentration but also stimulates anger. If you decorate with the colour yellow, only use it to accent an area.

Red: An intense colour that stimulates breathing and makes the heart beat faster. Red can be stressful for some people and induce anxiety. Some decorators recommend red furniture to attract attention. It is also used in restaurants to stimulate the appetite.

If you are looking for an advice on your office paint colours for your office interior design, contact Vision Corporate Interiors and we will be happy to assist!

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