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Redesigning a Corporate Office: Tips to transform your office


If you’re looking to redesign your corporate office, then you’d be wise to consider the well-being of your employees. If they’re not comfortable in their workspace, then they’ll have a harder time being productive—and that’s bad news for everyone involved.

So how can you improve the aesthetic appeal of your workplace without spending a fortune? Here are some tips:

For employees, the office is a second home

For employees, the office is a second home. In fact, they spend more time there than at their actual homes. It is important that you design a space that makes them feel comfortable and productive from the moment they step in the door. Aesthetics can help improve productivity and overall morale of your employees if done correctly.

Aesthetics can be used as a tool for designating certain spaces for different purposes: one area for studying or meeting with clients (such as an office library), another area for eating lunch (such as an outdoor cafe), etc., making it easier for your employees to navigate through their daily tasks without getting distracted by all the distractions around them like other people working on projects together or having conversations over lunch breaks about personal matters instead of work-related issues!

A study shows that aesthetic appeal is important to employees and can significantly improve their productivity

It’s no secret that aesthetics are important to employees. Studies show that aesthetic appeal can significantly improve your productivity and even reduce employee turnover by 30%.

Aesthetics can be improved by adding plants, music, art work or anything else you think will help make your office more appealing.

The colour of the office walls has an impact on productivity

Now you know that the colour of your office walls impacts productivity. But how can you use this information to improve your team’s energy levels? Here are some ideas:

    • Choose bright colours for your walls and furniture. The more saturated a hue is, the more positive an effect it will have on your employees’ moods and attitudes.
    • Use natural light as much as possible. Natural lighting has been shown to boost feelings of well-being and reduce stress levels in people who work inside all day long—especially those with window offices!

    Lighting plays a big role in how your employees feel while they’re at work

    Lighting plays a big role in how your employees feel while they’re at work. The right lighting can make people feel happy, energetic, and motivated to get tasks done.

    Light is an important factor in our lives—it helps us stay healthy by regulating our circadian rhythm, which affects our moods. Studies show that light can affect how we feel both physically and psychologically. For example, blue light has been shown to help with concentration and productivity; red light has been linked to better sleep quality; and yellow or orange hues can improve energy levels or enhance alertness when needed (this is why some airports have yellow lights).

    Music in the workplace can boost employee morale and help with concentration

    Music in the workplace can boost employee morale and help with concentration. It allows you to set a positive tone in your office, which helps keep everyone engaged.

    Music can be used as a way to transform employees’ moods, by creating a welcoming environment that encourages collaboration and communication between colleagues. This translates into increased productivity from your employees because they feel more relaxed and happy when they enter their workspace every day.

    Think about adding little perks like a popcorn, snack or coffee machine, or a nap room

    Many companies have found that adding little perks such as a popcorn, snack or coffee machine, or even a nap room can help employees relax and have fun. This is especially important in office settings where you’re working with the same people day after day. Having these amenities helps break up the monotony of daily tasks while also promoting team bonding and creativity, which can lead to increased productivity and morale. If your office has a lot of younger workers (or if you want it to), consider adding gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for quick gaming breaks between work sessions.

    Use plants throughout the office as they add colour and decrease stress levels

    Plants can be used throughout the office to add colour, life and a focal point. They also help with air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, lowering stress levels and releasing oxygen into the air.

    Make sure your employees have plenty of space for storage so that clutter doesn’t accumulate on their desks

    So, to ensure that your employees have plenty of space for storage so that clutter doesn’t accumulate on their desks, here are some tips:

    • Use storage space to keep things organised. If you have the room and budget for a storage cabinet or file cabinet, this is an excellent option for keeping important documents and files in a safe place.
    • Make sure the storage space is not too cluttered. In addition to storing documents and files out of sight, they should also be easy to access when needed by all employees—especially if they’ll be using them regularly! This can help reduce stress levels when trying to locate something specific in a messy office environment.
    • Keep the storage space organised. You don’t want your employees’ workspace looking like it belongs in an episode of Hoarders—so stay on top of things by making sure there’s enough room inside each drawer or compartment so nothing gets pushed down into oblivion (and then forgotten).

    Your employees will be more productive when they’re comfortable at their desks, so make sure you get them ergonomic chairs and desks that fit their needs

    You may be surprised to learn that ergonomic chairs and desks are available at most office supply stores. When you’re choosing a chair, make sure it fits the contours of your body. Likewise, when purchasing a desk, make sure it’s adjustable to fit the contours of your body.

    When employees feel comfortable in their workplace, they’ll be more productive and happier overall.


    The office is a place where people spend most of their time. It’s important to give them a space that they enjoy and can be productive in. By following some of these tips, you’ll be able to create an environment that makes your employees happier and more productive at work.

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